• Franchesca Almonte

10 Best Amazon Gadget Gems of 2020

Do you love surfing the internet for new and inventive things? With Amazon being the go-to online store for all your needs, there are a few gems hidden through all of that merchandise. Here are a few gadget gems amazon has that can change your habits for the better. 

1. Smart Wi-Fi Enable Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser

This aromatherapy diffuser is awesome for anyone likes to relax. It connects to your Alexa or Google Home. You just download the app and you can control it from anywhere. This feature can allow you to start the diffuser before you walk into the room, letting you automatically relax.

Price: $26.99 and Prime shipping!

2. Rocketbook

This notebook is so cool, it would fill any paper enthusiast heart. The Rocketbook allows you to write like a normal notebook with the pen provided. After you are done writing your notes you can use the scanner code to digitally upload your notes. It saves the environment and you will have the newest tech gear.  

Price: $27.14 and Prime shipping! 

3. SHARDOR Hand Mixer

Everyone likes a new tool for the kitchen. This hand mixer is affordable and comes with a nifty little setup so it can go back easy and organized. It will make it easy to make cakes and whipped coffee. 

Price: $39.99 and Prime shipping!

4. Haino Rechargeable Electric Arc Lighter

This lighter is great when the candle is running low and you can’t fit your hand inside the jar. It is rechargeable and its 360 degrees flexible neck allows you to never run out of lighter fluid and to allows to be accessible to those tough spaces you need to reach.

Price: $13.59 and Prime shipping!

5. Polaroid ZIP Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer

A photo mini printer is perfect when you want to save a hardcopy of all your fun experiences. Share a photo with anyone by printing it instantly from your phone. It is perfect for making collages or scrapbooks too. 

Price: $79.99 

6. Dash Mini Maker: The Mini Waffle Maker

This is the best affordable waffle maker. The mini waffle maker is exactly what it says. I personally have one and you can make as many as you want. My roommates and I sometimes make double and then wrap them in parchment paper and freeze them. If we are busy in the mornings, we can just take them out and pop them in the toaster. 

Price: $17.41 and Prime shipping!

7. Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

A temperature control mug sounds like a dream. I hate when making coffee in the morning and it turns cold fast. This mug will keep all my hot beverages to the temperature that I prefer and I will never have this problem again. 

Price: $79.95 and Prime shipping!

8. Digital Kitchen Food Scale and Measuring Cup

This is the best kitchen tool I can think of. Making sure that you use the right proportions when cooking is important. Now you can measure and weigh in the same device.

Price: $26.98 and Prime shipping!

9. KEDSUM Flexible Gooseneck 8" 10x

This beauty mirror sounds like the best thing ever. It is magnified 10 times, so you can see those little spots on your face you wouldn’t normally see. I use it to see when I put makeup on because I have glasses and don’t always want to put contacts on for the day.  

Price: 24.99 and Prime shipping! 

10. SoundBot Water-Resistant Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Last but not least, this waterproof speaker for the shower is great for those who like singing in the shower. I hate it when I want to listen to music but don’t want to bring my phone into the bathroom. You hear horror stores about phones and bathrooms, you wouldn’t want to be one. 

Price: $14.99 and Prime shipping!

Did You Find A Gem? 

All of these products are a great way to add to your tech collection. There are plenty of gadget gems amazon has to offer.