• Jennifer Hathcoat

5 Reasons to Keep Your Landline Phone

It is 2019 and we have so many incredible options with it comes to phones and technology. It may be hard to believe, but landline phones are starting to become a thing of the past as cell phones gain popularity with all their advanced features. People are ditching the landlines mainly to cut back on unnecessary costs. Before you let go of your landline phone however to join the cell-phone-only club, here are five reasons why it may benefit you to hang on to it a little longer.

Screen Calls with Caller ID

Now more than ever, solicitors are taking advantage of the fact that cell phones do not tell who is calling unless the number is already saved. Landline phones with Caller ID are often able to show who is calling without having to save the number. This feature is very useful when trying to dodge sales calls or when looking out for that one person’s phone number that you lost. Unfortunately, caller ID is not always reliable since some callers do not have numbers listed in the phone company’s system. However, this is still a handy feature that can save you some time and help you avoid distractions throughout the day.

Cheaper than a Cell Phone

If you are concerned about cutting costs, you may be surprised to learn that with the right plan landlines may not be setting you back very much at all. The truth is that they are becoming incredibly affordable with companies offering package deals that virtually eliminate the price tag. You now have the ability to partner your phone with your internet system so that there are no additional costs associated except for taxes. There are a wide variety of package deals with some great added features available. Take advantage of the deals that are out there and do some research. You may discover a deal that works well for you and at a fraction of the cost of what you paid in the past.

Better Connectivity

To this day many consider landlines to be more reliable than cell phones when it comes to connectivity. If your home system is knocked out during a storm, servicemen respond quickly to fix electric, cable, and internet connections that were damaged. That should give you some peace of mind as storms roll in, especially for Floridians planning ahead for the hurricane season. Because of the direct connection landlines experience fewer issues of dropped calls, always an irritating fact of life with cell phones that people are forced to accept. Landline phones have a much smaller rate of dropped calls with exception of power losses and internet connectivity issues.

Great Back Up Option

As every cell phone user knows, dealing with a phone that is broken or dead can be a hassle. A landline is a great back-up option. We all remember the feeling of dropping your phone on the ground and kneeling to pick it up wishing the whole time that you won’t see a screen cracked in a million pieces. This happens more than we would like and it is always nice to think that once you are home you will have the ability to still take and receive calls without having to use a screen that will cut your finger every time you press the home button. For those of you who are forgetful, finding yourself in a situation where your phone is lost can be slightly terrifying when you realize that no one has a way to get in touch with you until you find it. Having the home option will help you to stay functional through the rough times.

Keep That Retro Look

As many people continue to switch over to cell phones as their sole means of calling, it may be that in the near future those who do end up keeping their landline phones will be part of a very small group of people. If that is the case, owning a landline could become somewhat of a fashionable trend. If you feel that your landline is still a good option for you, then why not have some fun with it. Go out and search for fun designs and retro style devices with the rotary dialing system or the box that hangs on the wall. There is an aspect to coming home to a light blinking letting you know that someone wants to talk to you that is very exciting. Hearing your messages at the end of the day rather than as the day progresses could be an excellent way to stay focused and minimize distractions at work. No matter what you decide, keep in mind how wonderful it is that we live in a time where it has become easier than ever to stay in touch with those we care about. Ultimately, that combined with increased productivity are the reasons why the telephone was invented and why it is still an incredible tool today.

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