• Sophia Hernandez

5 Ways to Make Money From Gaming

Imagine a world where getting money from playing a video game is the way you make a living. Well, believe it or not, you actually don’t have to imagine it anymore: as the world gets more and more used to technology, it adapts to make newer, nuanced jobs with that technology.

As a result, video games have become more and more popular among kids and young adults. Some games are staples in people’s lives. With video games, YouTube channels, and people gaming together, becoming a part of the gaming community isn’t difficult. If you love gaming and want to make some money, here are 5 ways to make money from gaming:

1. Provide customer service for other games.

Some gaming companies will put out a call for gaming consultants. A gaming consultant is a technical support position who are experienced gamers; Sutherland Global Services is one company that uses consultants who have plenty of gaming experience. This job may require you to be good at social media and multitasking.

2. Become a playtester.

If you like to get to the end of the game and go through all its trickiness, becoming a playtester. A playtester is hired to try to break the game. The playtester must play the game substantially to be able to provide a detailed report on how the game responds to different choices and commands. If you like to keep playing a game over and over, this is the position for you!

3. Be a professional gamer.

If you like competitions, here you go: being a professional gamer means you are the best of the best. If you are a good enough gamer, winning championships, landing investors, and endorsements are the ways to get money.

All gamers need a good set of headphones, make sure you have all the required materials you need to become the best gamer you can be!

As video games are becoming more and more popular the more money you may be able to get from winning championships; you can also join an esports team which can get you endorsements with the team.

4. Be a gaming coach.

To be a professional gamer, you need coaches and teachers. Being a coach for a professional gamer can make you a good amount of money. Being a retired professional gamer or a popular public gamer is a good way to recruit students. You can also become a coach for an esports team, which is rumored to make a lot of money. As a coach, you can tell your students about all the cool computers out there they can use to game on!

5. Become a Youtube celebrity.

Youtube is a popular media site. More and more people are making videos of themselves playing games, and people love it! As this can be a way to show off your serious skills, it can also be a way to show people how to get through levels.

Just like in #4, you can teach the people who follow you. If your channel gets popular, it can become a way to make money!

You can make money!

If gaming is a passion of yours, instead of just playing the game, why not make money from something you love to do? Being able to create or help someone through a game is an excited way to communicate with people who have the same passion as you. It can also bring out your creative side! Although not all of these employment options will make you a billionaire, they offer a way to start getting money through something you enjoy.

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