• Shyam Latorre

Are You Bored Yet? 7 Apps To Stay Entertained and Engaged During Quarantine

The Coronavirus has wholly upended the daily life of the average person. If you aren't an essential worker, you have essentially become a prisoner in your own home. For those who aren't agoraphobics, its been quite jarring. Well, we at Tech Savvy are here to help with a few apps to keep you sane and busy during the Coronavirus.

Apps to Expand Your Body and Mind

Believe it or not, when the internet was first invented, it was believed that it would be used to expand our capacity to learn. The inventors never foresaw the popularity of cat videos and mindless chitchat. With the coronavirus keeping everyone indoors, it might be time to use the internet for its intended vision.


I promise this is the only app listed here that isn't free. It requires a subscription cost of 15 dollars a month, and for me, it's one of the best time killers I have. It seems Audible advertises on every podcast and youtube channel I follow, so you probably have heard of it before. It is an audio entertainment service that is mainly known for its audiobooks.

Like many, I've been reading like crazy during these times. Audiobooks let me immerse myself in a good book while simultaneously doing chores around the house. And depending on the voice actors, the audio version can transcend the printed text. For instance, an autobiography of a comedian being read by the comedian allows for their jokes and timing to leap off the page. Or an epic fantasy novel being read by a cast of actors can elevate the story to Shakespeare. Personally, I prefer listening to short story collections. It allows for clean pause points, and if the story is any good, I can ponder about it for hours, completely forgetting the crumbling world outside my house. Right now, I'm listening to Ted Chiang's Exhalation, a collection of sci-fi short stories, and it is excellent.


Duolingo is a language learning app that uses games and quizzes to teach foreign languages. You may recognize the green owl mascot above from internet memes were it threatens users if they stop using the app. 

I'm not going to lie. The Duolingo notification system is pretty intense. They know that information you learn will quickly disappear if you don't stick with it. However, during these times, being reminded to do something may be exactly what you need.


If you like apps so much, why don't you make your own? I'm not trying to sound condemnatory, but if you've ever been interested in programming, now might be the time to learn. Sololearn offers fun lessons in several coding languages, depending on your interest. I understand it's a very niche subject, but I'm willing to bet readers of Tech Savvy have some interest in programming.


There is a multi-use path near my apartment that I never gave much thought before the Coronavirus. However, like many, I've taken up aerobics during this time of isolation. I dropped a few hundred on a bike and have been riding almost every day.

Running, walking, or cycling is a great way to get out of the house and burn all the food you've been eating. Strava is an app that tracks your distance, speed, and performance while exercising. 

Apps to Keep You Entertained

Maybe you don't want to expand your mind. I mean, with all that's happening in the world, it's all it takes to keep your mind from racing to horrible conclusions. So here are a few games to keep you entertained and distracted as the world falls.

Golf Battle

Speaking of mindless entertainment Golf Battle is an online mini-golf game that mixes a beautiful blend of competition and precision. You have three rounds to get the ball in the hole in the fewest strokes and in the fastest time against five players. It's fun, free, and easy to play.


Sims is a life simulator game that lets you live vicariously through an avatar in a world not overrun by a pandemic. Build a house, get a job, invite friends over, it's as riveting as real life. Honestly, previously I've never cared for the series, and if Einstein knew this is where we were headed, he would have stuck it as a patent clerk. But when faced with the harsh realities of Covid-19, the escapism is quite comforting. 


Are you bored being trapped in your house, would it be more fun if you had a deranged demon-possessed grandmother chasing you with a knife? No, well, here's Granny, a mobile horror game. In all seriousness, it is a fun game that offers a level of fear and tension to keep you alert and entertained. You wake up in a room of a large mansion, and through a series of puzzles must escape as she tries to kill you. 

No Matter What, Keep Yourself Busy!

During these times, it's essential to keep your mind occupied. Today we've focused exclusively on apps, but feel free to explore options outside of technology. Crack open a book, do some yoga, try meditating, which I know requires you to expel all thought from your head, which is the opposite of occupied. But it kills time, so carry on. If you're feeling especially bored you can also check out some of our favorite Amazon tech gems!

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