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Best Budget Gaming Chairs 2020

This year has led to bankruptcy for many businesses, but at the same time, there are many that have skyrocketed, such as those in the gaming industry. For a lot of people, these last few months stuck at home mean time allotted for gaming. Hours on end spent in front of the screen can make gamers stiff and uncomfortable, leading to joint pain and poor posture. Being accompanied by comfortable seating is important. Read on to find our what the best budget gaming chairs are for 2020, so gamers don’t have to break their back, or the bank!

Your Guide to The Best Budget Gaming Chairs: Getting The Most Bang For Your Buck

1. The first popular and budget friendly chair of the 2020 gaming season is the GTRacing Pro Series Gaming Chair. With adjustable armrests and a lumbar and neck pillow, this heavy duty chair (300 lb. load carrying) is just what a gamer needs. Compared to its competitors, its price of 150 dollars is definitely something to consider.

2. The OFM Essentials Racing Chair is another great game seating option, constructed of slick black leather with cool colored accents. Its flip-up armrests are even more practical for the intense gamer, as they can be moved if you need to get closer to your desk. For around 123 dollars, this chair could be yours!

3. Deemed the best budget racing-style chair, the Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair looks just as cool and classy as it's expensive counterparts, but can be purchased for just 99 dollars. This chair offers comfortable seating and a durable use built to support gamers through hours upon hours of gaming. It also provides customizable ergonomics, such as moveable lumbar and neck pillows. What more could someone need?

4. The reviews are in, and the X Rocker 2.1 Wireless Gaming Chair Rocker has emerged as the best budget friendly chair for television gaming. Unlike the average chair, the X Rocker 2.1 offers Bluetooth connection, allowing audio from gaming devices to be played directly through its two embedded speakers and integrated subwoofer. Gamers are even able to connect their headset for effortless gaming. Available for just 169 dollars, compared to its counterparts, this chair is a steal.

5. If comfort is of priority, the Big Joe Roma Chair is a necessity. This bean bag chair is built to provide the ultimate comfort, making it feel like gamers are playing on a cloud. For just 63 dollars, consider purchasing multiple of the dozens of color options available and making it into a whole gaming set!

6. For our taller gamers, the Homall High-Back Racing Chair is the best budget-friendly tall chair. This chair offers narrower seating but a tall back, perfect for the big and tall gamers working on a budget. For 179 dollars, this chair can be the newest addition to the perfect gaming setup.

Improve Your Game Seating in 2020

The world of game seating can be daunting, as the options appear to be virtually endless. However, in knowing that the world of gaming can be expensive enough—with in-app purchases, headsets, controllers, and more—finding a budget-friendly gaming chair is a must. In following this guide to the best budget gaming chairs of 2020, gamers will up their seating game while not drastically upping their spending. A win-win for every gamer!