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Best Gaming Laptops Under $600

When it comes to buying a new laptop, especially one intended for gaming, it can be intimidating; the more research you do, the easier it is to see that the best gaming laptops are often not under $600. That just means we gotta get creative!

You might be asking yourself, could there possibly be a “best” gaming laptops under $600? Yes, of course there can be: it all depends on what you need in the laptop! Here’s how to find the best gaming laptop for you for that won’t break the bank.


With games having higher graphics, a computer not only needs to have plenty of storage, but the graphics card has to be decent, if not amazing. Along with the graphics, there needs to be a processor that is strong enough to not make the game “glitchy,” or force close.

Now for a few technical jargons: CPU and GPU. “CPU” stands for “Central Processing Unit,” and it can be best explained as the brains of the computer, while “GPU” is the “Graphics Processing Unit”; now-a-days, it can be referred to as the soul, simply because everything has graphics. As a rule of thumb, the better the GPU, the better functionality of the computer. A great example of the difference between CPU and GPU was done in a one-and-a-half minute video byMythBusters; though different, they are both necessary for the computer to function properly for both gaming and routine day-to-day tasks.

The Core

Also known as “the processor.”

When researching a computer, you will see specs around i3, often as high as i7, processors as well as dual- or quad-, even octa-, core processors. The higher the number, the more the computer can do!

That means the more processors in the computer, the more applications that can be running at the same time because they can each have their own processor supporting them. The same goes for the higher the graphics or the game power: they will run better the more processors that can be used to support them.

Memory Vs. Storage

The memory in a computer is called “the RAM,” and the storage is referred to as “the drive” or “the disk” (the term varies depending on computer). All computers need both RAM and storage, though they do different things.

The RAM is where most temporary files go. For example, if you are working on a document or an application, while in-use, the files go to the RAM; however, once the computer is shut off or reset, those files disappear.

Storage is the permanent home for applications and documents. If you save a game or a document, it lives in the storage.

Computers range for RAM and Storage amounts: the RAM is usually between four to 64 Gigabytes (GB) of space, while the storage can have anywhere from 50GB to two or more Terabytes (TB).

The more RAM, the better the computer will run; the more storage, the more that can be saved on the computer. Once your storage starts to fill up, your laptop will run slower because the processors have to work harder. Try to keep your computer clutter-free to keep it running quickly.


Knowing what goes into the computer is just as important as knowing the games you plan to play. But, with that being said, there are ways to make the computer within the $600 budget and still play games that you love. There are ways to substitute for cost.

We know that the CPU and GPU needs to be great because the more that is put on the CPU, the slower your device will operate. That’s where the GPU comes in: you cannot compromise there! But there are other places you can compromise to cut cost, such as the processors, RAM, and storage.

If you don’t want your computer to be burdened by a high-graphics game, then the higher the RAM and processors, the better it will run. With a high-graphics game, your device also has to have a lot of storage. However, by selecting a model with a lower storage capacity, you can purchase a lower-cost computer. No need to worry, either! Storage is expandable and can be used for higher-graphic games. There are even external hard drives that can be plugged into the computer to add to the storage. And that’s just one example of a compromise that won’t break the bank!

Laptops Around $600

I’ve done the research so you don’t have to. I then curated a list of five computers that are within your $600 budget to help you get ideas of some options you can choose from. Just remember, if none of these catch your eye, use what I taught you in your search: you can compromise based off of the games you play!

1) ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DD/DT/DU, $599-$899

2) Lenovo Ideapad L340, $649-$1049

3) Acer Nitro 5, $600-$1200

4) HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop, $599-$849

5) Dell G3, $699-$1249

A lot of these can range over budget, but it all depends on what add ons and customizations you choose. As long as you are willing to compromise a little to save on your gaming laptop, you’lll be able to stay within (or close to) your budget.

Another tip: it never hurts to see what competing companies have for selling the same laptop.

Happy gaming!

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