• Ethan Benge

How to Take the Perfect Picture on the Samsung Galaxy S10

So you’ve got your hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S10 or maybe you are looking at getting it and want to see what this new phone is all about - well you’ve come to the right place. The GS10 has some new camera features, here is what you need to know about the new features and how to get the most out of it.

Note: there are a few differences between the different S10 models, however, most of these tips will apply to all of them. For the full specs on each model for comparison check this out.

Does the Samsung Galaxy S10 have a quality camera?

The Galaxy S10 comes equipped with a total of four cameras, three on the back and one in the front.

Front camera: 10 PM Selfie Cam, dual pixel AF, 1.22-pixel size, 80 FOV, and F1.9 aperture. The Selfie Camera detects faces and focuses quickly for stunning self-portraits in a snap. It also features a live focus that lets you experiment with depth of field and artistic effects to change the mood of your selfies.

Back cameras: A main 12-megapixel that shifts aperture automatically for you in low and high light, with an ultra-wide 16-megapixel lens, and a telephoto 12 megapixel for zooming in.

It can record 4K UHD video at up to 60 frames-per-second (fps), 1080p at up to 240 fps, and 720p at up to 960 fps, also known as Super Slow-Mo.

Overall, this phone offers an excellent selection of versatile camera options for taking great photos and also offers plenty of customizations for pros. This phone is more than capable of taking stunning and creative photosa huge step up from the S9!

Photo by Cristina Zaragoza on Unsplash

The S10s Advanced Camera Features

Using wide and ultra-wide:

There is nothing more frustrating than when you’ve taken a picture and then come to realize afterward that someone's face has been cut out. Utilizing the wide and ultra-wide cameras won’t let that happen though. Just like what their names say, they are much wider than your average camera. Offering you way more width for picture taking.

Optical zoom feature:

When using most phone cameras, zooming in isn’t really much of an option. If you do zoom the overall quality turns out to be terrible and ruins the aesthetic of the photo. However, with this new feature, you don’t have to worry about that. This feature will allow you to zoom in on an object without losing any picture quality.

Artistic live focus:

This is a great option to make something completely stand out. It allows you to add a blur effect around a specific object making it a focal point.

Scene optimizer:

This feature is automatically always running and helps you take better photos by adjusting the lighting depending on the subject. If you were to take a picture of food, it would automatically change the best lighting for food.

Pro Mode:

With this mode, you are able to fully unlock the power of these cameras. By switching this on you are able to change camera settings such as white balance, ISO, shutter speed, focus, and exposureallowing professional-looking photos and also the ability to save photos in raw! However, we only recommend this if you are a professional photographer, or if you have done your research on this subject.

Photo by Duri from Mocup on Unsplash

Tips to Ensure the Best Photos

  1. Clean the lenses: This may seem obvious but make sure you use a clean cloth to clean the lenses before taking any pictures. This will ensure you don’t have any smudges, blurs, or dust

  2. Adjust the exposure: This will allow you to adjust the lighting so that the photo doesn’t look too dark or too light. You can find this in the pro mode feature.

  3. Focus: Sometimes the camera fails to automatically do this - most of the time because it’s not sure what you want it to focus on. You can easily fix this by taking your finger and tapping on the object you want as the focal point.

  4. Camera grid: By turning this small feature on, it creates grid lines across your screen so that you can compose a picture better by lining objects up perfectly. This is great for when you want your focal point to be just off-center.

https://www.samsung.com/us/ - Galaxy S10

The Galaxy S10 features an amazing pro-camera and is guaranteed to improve your photos and ensure easier capture.

You can check out the phone here on the official Samsung website.