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Do People Still Use Digital Currency? Here's Everything You Need to Know

We are living through the dawn of a digital era. With social media and the world of the Internet at our fingertips, why stop there? Digital currency has emerged as a means of faster online transactions and limitless virtual ownership. You may be wondering if this money is even real, and the answer is yes! Similar to traditional money, digital currency is an internet-based form of exchange that serves as an electronic medium for purchasing goods and commodities. With a plethora of currencies, such as Bitcoin, EOS, Litecoin, and more—let’s look deeper to learn everything you need to know about the world of digital funds.

The Top Benefits of Digital Currency

With so much to explore, looking into the benefits of digital currency is a great place to start. Here are some of the most notable up-sides to utilizing the tools of digital currency:

1. Compared to traditional methods of spending, digital currency offers lower transaction fees. Depending on the type of credit card you use, transaction fees can be steep: leaning upwards to 2-5%. With digital currencies, on the other hand, the transaction fees are much lower and better yet, sometimes nonexistent. Although those fees may seem insignificant in the moment, those extra expenditures can add up quickly in the long-run.

2. With digital currencies, there are no chargebacks. In other words, there are no ways for individuals to “cheat the system” and file for a charge dispute on purchases they have knowingly made. Looking at it in this perspective, digital currencies are a more secure form of payment for many companies.

3. Unlike other financial transfers, the receipt of funds when utilizing digital currencies is exponentially faster. Through traditional institutions, money may take days to appear in your account. However, with digital currencies, the money can be received in a matter of minutes. If you are impatient like me, this is definitely something to note.

4. Due to controlled quantity limits and algorithms, digital currencies are not accompanied by any inflation rates. Through thoughtful analysis and planning, there is no need to inflate prices and exacerbate strain on consumers any further.

5. Digital currencies also increase trust with consumers. Unlike large corporations who are vulnerable to system hacking, consumer data is kept more safely through the use of encrypted codes versus credit card numbers. In knowing this, individuals can relax knowing that a breach in the system wouldn’t lead to a leak of their private information.

6. In the international realm, digital currency makes things much easier for business transactions across foreign borders. As a result, business revenues are able to increase, and greater opportunities to grow your brand arise. If entering the foreign market is of interest to your company, digital currency should be of interest as well.

Is Utilizing Digital Currency What’s Best For You?

Ultimately, the decision to make use of this digital expansion into the money market is completely up to you. In taking the above benefits into consideration, digital currency definitely offers several advantages to not only businesses, but personal transactions as well. Although it may be unfamiliar or unchartered territory, don’t let that scare you from the opportunities that utilizing digital currencies may bring. They are certainly worth investigating!