• Hailee Harris

How Carrd can Elevate Your Online Presence

Having your website stand out amongst the millions of others is essential when it comes to drawing in your customers. There are many services you can use for your business or personal site to create a stunning engaging website. Often times, the thought of building a website sounds scary, but systems like Wix and Carrd make it super simple. Best of all, they do all of the HTML work for you!

What is Carrd?

In simple words, Carrd is a website tool that allows users to create a ‘one page’ website using drag and drop functions. Carrd sets the user up with templates for landing pages, profiles, or portfolios to start off with. Or, you can use a blank canvas. Carrd was created by founder AJ. He created Carrd in order to simplify the process of making a website. AJ’s concept was to create a website tool that was fast to use, free, and had no sign up required. AJ wanted the process of making a website to be under 5 minutes. If you have your own site already, you know that making a website in under 5 minutes is virtually impossible.

How Do You Use Carrd?

Carrd is beneficial to businesses and people of all business status’. Whether you are just starting out, or have a business thats been up and running for over 20 years, Carrd can be beneficial to you as a tech user. To start your own Carrd page, all you have to do is go to Carrd.co and begin building. First, you select your template or style. Right after selecting your template, Carrd shows you easy-to-follow instructions on building your page. From there, you fill in your desired information. That is it! You do not even have to pay or subscribe, but you do have to enter an email and create an account to access your Carrd pages.

The Benefits of Carrd

The beauty of Carrd is that you can use it alone or in addition to your website. Keep in mind, that Carrd’s free version is not as advanced as an actual website that you would use for E-commerce. Carrd is perfect for launching a new product and marketing yourself or your business as a whole. Carrd is super simple to use and it is very easy to get creative with your pages when using this website builder!

Carrd Today

Kim Kardashian herself used Carrd during the media rise of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Kim Tweeted out a Carrd link that provided resources on how to donate, get involved, and sign petitions. Users love Carrd because it is simple for those that are unfamiliar with website design and allows users to make beautiful displays for their business. You can see here how users ranked Carrd compared to other website builders.

My Thoughts on Carrd

I personally use Wix for my e-commerce business, but after researching Carrd, I definitely think I am going to give it a go! I will not be using it for E-commerce, but I do think it will come in handy for personal use for my portfolio. It is so simple to use and the template choices are endless!