• Hailee Harris

Meet the Abillionveg App for Vegan Eating

Veganism and animal conservation are practices that are continuously on the rise. Being vegan means that you do not consume any animal products or purchase them. If someone in a family is vegan, it is likely that their children will be practicing veganism too. Being vegan means someone does not consume eggs, milk, meat or buy animal skins or products tested on animals. It can easily become a challenge when you are shopping for new clothes or cosmetics--not knowing if the company your purchasing from is vegan. Yet, there are new resources you can use to determine what brands are vegan.

What is Abillionveg?

Abillionveg is an app and social media site that allows users to connect with brands that are sustainable and vegan. Abillionveg in fact is short for “A Billion Vegans.” The app works by having users review brands, restaurants, and even recipes that are vegan. It is an easy way to share new recipes and explore new places to eat! Each item is reviewed by the initial poster, and other users review and comment on the item.

The Reviews

The most reviewed item on the app is the Beyond Burger by Beyond Meat. When viewing the product, you are able to see the ingredients and the reviews left by customers who have tried it. Customers rate the product on a five star scale. The Beyond Burger has revicied 58% five star reviews and no review under three stars. Some reviews say “It’s almost too similar to meat” and “These are my absolute favorite vegan burgers! They are perfect for grilling and are super convincing.”

The reviews left by customers does more than just help others determine which vegan products they want to buy. Per every one review, one dollar is donated by Abillionveg. The money then goes to one over fifty partnered organizations to help animals. Some partners include SURGE in the United Kingdom, Vegan Outreach in California, and Animal Allies in SIngapore. The money donated to these organizations helps to feed the animals, provide shelter, and push for animal rights.

The Company’s Mission

Abillionveg states that their mission is “To build a global community that catalyzes millions of people and businesses to do what’s right for their body, the animals, and the planet.” Their vision is to have “A world with at least a billion people committed to plant-based living by 2030.” Through the impact of their company, Abillionveg hopes to inspire people to become vegan, and make it easier for them to do so by using their app.

What Others Are Saying

Abillionveg has been featured in the press more times than I can count. All converge on the app reflects the good that can come from eating vegan and being apart of the vegan community. Websites like Vegan vs Travel claims that Abillionveg is the best vegan app out there. Abillionveg is easy to navigate and even easier to get involved in. With the ability to connect with your community, being able to donate, and help save animals, it’s hard not to love Abillionveg.