• Ethan Benge

Newest Tech Gear You Need To Own: 2020 Edition

There are constantly new and improved gadgets coming out every single year from our increasingly impressive technology - we are getting that much closer to robots taking over the world! But in the meantime, 2020 has some really innovative gadgets and gizmos that are very impressive - so whether you are looking for the newest smart tv or the most advanced AI assistants, we’ve put together this comprehensive list for you to review and see the newest and best tech gear for you to own in 2020!

Professional Interpreter Headphones

We all took Spanish or French in high school, however, 99.9% of us don’t remember a single word that we had learned from those “language” classes. No worries now though - These headphones translate for you in real-time and can even translate different languages in a group setting!


  • Translates up to 8 feet away

  • Sync up to smartphones or speakers for audio translations

  • Sync up to 4 different phones at once to share the experience

  • Price: $119-$149

Skyroam Solis X

Tired of trying to constantly connect to spotty wifi? Bring your own wifi in your pocket! Skyroom is a small and sleek device that provides fast and innovative wifi wherever you are traveling. This little device also acts as a charger for your phone and can also take wide-angle photos.


  • Superfast 4G LTE WIFI

  • Provides a power bank that charges your phone

  • 8PM wide-angle camera

  • Price: $179

JaxJox Kettlebell Connect

Giving you the ability to add or drop weight in seconds this advanced kettlebell has the ability to electronically change weight. This is perfect for anyone that wants a home gym without taking up the space of multiple weights. Time to get in shape at home!


  • App connected to help achieve fitness goals

  • Weight ranges from 12 - 42lbs

  • Holds charge up to 14 hours

  • Price: $299

Gillette Heated Razor

This amazing razor heats up while your shave - giving you the feeling as if you were at the barber. It gives you optimal comfort and a clean shave every time. You can also sign up for razors to be shipped on a schedule.


  • Adjustable heat for best comfort

  • Wireless magnetic charging

  • Waterproof for use in sink or shower

  • Price: $200


Not all notebooks are created equal and this one tops them all. The Rocketbook allows you to reuse pages over and over again. It provides you with 36 reusable pages that connect automatically to your cloud - Perfect for students or anyone that likes to write!


  • AI technology allowing smart use

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Endless pages for years

  • Price: $21

Snapchat Spectacles 3

The new and improved Snapchat sunglasses are finally here! These amazing spectacles offer 2 HD cameras that capture 3D images and 60 FPS video. They also hold four built-in microphones that can record high-quality audio. Not only does it have all that, but it also syncs up to your phone uploads them automatically.


  • 2 HD Cameras

  • 4 microphones

  • Syncs up to your smartphone

  • Price: $380

Whistle Go Explore

This is a must-own for every dog owner - using GPS this device will track your dog no matter where he/she runs! It easily clips on to collars and is completely waterproof. The battery can last up to 20 days and even has a nightlight on it.


  • GPS for exact location

  • 20 days of battery life

  • Nightlight

  • Price: $129

Human Headphones

These truly wireless headphones cover your whole ears without the build headband that covers over your head. Not only are they smart headphones but can be set down and used as a speaker to - And to top this amazing device off, it can also translate languages. The battery provides 9 hours of life, giving you comfort all day long. These are a must-own for everyone!


  • Headphones and a speaker

  • Can translate for you

  • Touch and voice control

  • Price: $259

Oculus Quest - All in One

VR sets are the new rave right now and there are plenty to choose from - this one, however, beat them all. Oculus has come out with the first-ever all wireless VR set! All them overwise require are very expensive laptop to run and a bunch of wires. Venture into a wireless and immersive VR with this headset!


  • Requires no laptop to run

  • Completely wireless

  • Easy setup anywhere

  • Price: $399-$499

There is always new and impressive technology coming out every single day. This is just a shortlist of our favorites that we think everyone should own in 2020.

Stay a step ahead of everyone and get one of these exciting and fun new gadgets!