• Cam Christoff

Podcast Advertising Best Practices

Have you created a podcast and want to learn some tips on ways to make money with your new digital platform? One way to make money through podcasting is by advertising in your episodes. Finding sponsors that can advertise on your podcast is a key way to gain monetization. Read on to discover the best podcast advertising practices.

The Basics Of Podcast Advertising

There are three different ways to advertise in your podcast. According to MarketingWeek, the three ways of advertising are a pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll. Here is a little bit more information about these ways of advertising:

  • Pre-Roll Advertising is when you promote your advertisement before your podcast episode begins. They are commonly around 15 to 30 seconds long.

  • Mid-Roll Advertising is when your advertisement is in the middle of your podcast episode, rather than before or after.

  • Post-Roll Advertising is when you promote your advertisement at the end of your podcast episode. Instapage says that post-rolls capture the listener’s attention at the end of the content and span around 10 to 15 seconds long.

Identifying Sponsors

Once you have become familiar with podcast advertising, the next step is to determine the sponsor you would like to advertise in your podcast. It is important to consider the demographics of your audience when deciding a sponsor. For example, if your podcast is on the topic of music and most of the demographics of your audience enjoy music, an excellent sponsor would be a company that sells headphones.

Knowing How To Advertise

So, how do you go about obtaining sponsors to advertise? You can either network online or in person, or use a variety of websites to allow sponsors to find your podcast and connect with you.

You can network with others online and reach out to companies through social media—being sure to express your interest in collaborating to promote their brand or products on your podcast. Or, you can network in person and speak directly to the companies you are interested in promoting.

If networking is not your forte, you can use the websites Podcorn, AdvertiseCast, Knit

Podbean, and Anchor Sponsorships. All of these websites will help you to gain sponsors.

Advertising Across Multiple Episodes

Once you have found at least one (or more) sponsors to advertise, it is important to note that it takes more than one episode to consistently gain monetization and success. Chances are, if you only advertise in one episode, you won’t get as much success as you would if you were advertising consistently. This is because if you only promoted a product in your podcast once, your audience may not be interested—or may simply forget!

Reviewing Your Advertising Performance

Once you have advertised consistently throughout your podcast episodes, it is now time to review the analytics and performance you have made throughout the duration you’ve advertised. A question that you’ll want to ask yourself is throughout your advertising campaign: did your audience follow through with your promotions? Or, were you successful in the amount of money you wanted to earn throughout your advertising campaign?

Podcast Advertising And The Many Benefits

Podcast advertising has many benefits when it comes to building the best podcast of your dreams. You are not only gaining monetization, but also helping out another company to raise their brand awareness, so it’s a win-win!