• Erin Armitage

Should You Get One? Self-Driving Cars Pros and Cons

Although it might sound like a prop in a futuristic sci-fi flick, self-driving cars are quickly becoming a normalized option for transportation today. But should you get one? These are the pros and cons of self-driving cars to help you decide:

Pro: Less Chance of Accidents

One of the more obvious benefits of self-driving cars is the elimination of human error. With the ability to control speed and turning, as well as being able to sense other nearby vehicles, self-driving cars leave very little possibility for accidents with other self-driving vehicles.

Did you know that the technology of these cars is so advanced that even if two autonomous cars were driving at 115 mph just inches apart, they should never hit each other? Even considering that technology can occasionally be faulty, there’s still exponentially less risk for accidents when humans aren’t involved in the equation.

Con: Too Much Trust in Vehicles

Even though the accident risk for self-driving cars is very low, putting too much trust in self-driving cars can be dangerous. For example, Teslas boast an autonomous driving feature that has led some people to joke that they’d be able to sleep on road trips while the car drives itself. This is extremely dangerous. Although the trust for these vehicles is backed up by advanced and very intelligent technology, there’s no telling when that technology could fail and land you in a world of hurt. Better to be safe by staying aware and alert, than be sorry.

Pro: Fuel Efficiency

With a human not at the helm, here’s less of a stop-and-go driving style which naturally burns less gas. With the cars moving at a steadier and smoother pace, there’s less revving of the engine which will make the gas in the tank stretch even longer. This is also good news for the environment; less burning fuel means less of the CO2 emissions that are threatening the ozone layer. Learn more about the fuel efficiency of these vehicles here.

Con: More Expensive?

With the luxury that comes with self-driving cars, it’s obvious why they would come with a heftier price tag. The technology may be very enticing, but you’ll surely be paying for the uniqueness that comes with them. There’s no concrete price difference on these vehicles quite yet, but many experts are accounting for this technology factoring into them being much more expensive; however, there is also talk of the prices coming down in the future, once these vehicles become more commonplace and readily available. So, even though a lot of aspects are up in the air, it’s fair to assume that these cars will burn a bigger hole in your pocket.

Autonomous Cars: The Right Route For You?

Just like any new car on the market, there is likely to be a long list of pros and cons with purchasing it. Luckily, research with these vehicles is still very much being conducted. As more studies come out regarding these self-driving cars, you may compose a pros and cons list of your own to decide if the autonomous driving life is really for you.

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