• Cam Christoff

Web Developer Productivity Platforms: Netlify vs Heroku

Netlify and Heroku are two web development softwares that help you publish and create mobile applications and websites. There are some similarities and differences about these softwares, which include both softwares having features that the other one lacks. In this article, we will be comparing the basics of both Netflify and Heroku and what they have to offer.

What Is Netlify?

Netlify is a web development software that helps developers build and launch websites and applications. According to Back4App, by unifying the modern decoupled web elements from local development processes to advanced logics, Netlify offers an amazingly faster way to ensure much more performant, scalable, and secure websites and applications. There are many benefits to using Netlify to create the website you desire.

What Are The Main Features of Netlify?

There are many features when it comes to building a website or an application with Netlify. Here are a few of the main features:

Easy updating. If you would like to update something on your website, Netlify makes it easy to change something and quickly deploy it without having to re-upload anything or change any aspects of your website or app.

Web Hosting. With Netlify, your website and app is guaranteed better security, speed, and performance overall.

Forms for your customers to fill out easily. With Netlify, you can create forms for your customers or clients to easily fill out on your website or app.

What Is The Pricing of Netlify?

There are four pricing tiers when web developing with Netlify. Here is some information about these four tiers:

Starter: The starter package is free and includes the basics for personal projects, hobby sites, or experiments.

Pro: The pro package is $19 per month and has advanced features that allow for building pilot projects or small sights.

Business: The business package is $99 a month and provides collaboration, security, and compliance for scaling web apps and development teams.

Enterprise: The enterprise package starts at $3000 a month and offers custom plan and services for mission-critical web properties.

What Is Heroku?

According to TrifinLabs, Heroku is known for running apps in virtual computers that can be powered up or down based on how big your application is. Rather than being fully related to website development, Heroku focuses more on building applications. According to their website, Heroku is the best platform for building with modern architectures, innovating quickly, and scaling precisely to meet demand.

What Are The Main Features of Heroku?

Heroku has many features that Netlify lacks. Here are some of the main features that it offers:

Heroku Postgres (SQL): This feature allows you to have an easy setup, encryption at rest, simple scaling, database forking, continuous protection, and more.

App Metrics: The app metrics of Heroku to always be aware of what is going on with your app, whether it be your analytics, monetization, and the interface of your app.

Data Clips: The data clips on Heroku are said to make it easy to keep everyone in the loop with up-to-the-second data insights from your project by sharing query results via a simple and secure URL.

What Is The Pricing of Heroku?

Heroku offers a variety of prices to choose from based on your individual needs for your application development. Here is a bit of information on each price:

Free And Hobby: The free and hobby package is free and allows you to build non-commercial apps such as proof of concepts, MVPs, and personal projects.

Production: The production package is $25 and up a month and allows you to create business-focused apps such as customer-facing or internal web apps and APIs.

Advanced: The advanced package is $250 and up a month that helps you to build apps that are mission-critical with complex functionality.

Enterprise: This package has custom pricing which allows you to meet the control, compliance, and collaboration needs of large scale organizations.

The Bottom Line Which One Should You Use?

So now that you’ve heard about both Netlify and Heroku, which one should you choose to use? The answer to your question is that both of these web development softwares can be used for different things. For Netlify, it is a better software for website development, since that is the main concept they specialize in. When developing applications, it is better to use Heroku due to the features it has for app development. So next time you are creating a website or an application, you have both of these to choose from!